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Barcode Labels

Since the start of 2004 ElectrAtest has started using Barcoded labels: (shown opposite)

We have introduced barcoded labels as part of our internal quality procedures and our commitment to ISO 9001. This is to ensure the traceability of equipment.

Each barcode is unique for every appliance across all the testing we do in the UK. In additon to providing traceability for testing we have found that over the last 10 years we are often asked by the Police force to trace equipment (i.e. stolen equipment they have recovered).

Barcoding appliances greatly assists in tracking appliances. It also allows our engineers to concentrate more on checking your appliances rather than writing asset labels.



Mark and Seal Quality Labels

Unlike some PAT Testing firms we use our own high quality Mark and Seal labels that have a clear plastic cover. This property prevents written information from being smudged or altered and protects the label giving it high durability.

Fail Labels

Any appliance which has failed any electrical or visual tests has a special DO NOT USE label attached to it. Of course this is in addition to the staff on site being notified verbally and with a fail report. The appliance is always taken out of use.



Barcode Scanners

Our engineers use long range bar code scanners.

Whilst these are considerably more expensive than those used by most PAT Testing companies, they allow us to read barcodes at a distance which help facilitate minimising disruption to your workplace as equipment does not have to be moved so often.

These barcode scanners are programmed by us to triple check the reading of the appliance number.

Technical Specifications

Our barcodes are 9 digits long and written in Code39 format. There are many different types of barcode formats but Code39 is one of the most popular and is easily readable by 3rd party programs and other barcode scanners.

For larger customers who wish to have their own labels made up, we can source custom designed labels with your logo at a very competitive price.

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