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The reports shown below are available to view in full size using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please visit this link to download and install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not have it installed on your computer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Appliance Register

This reports shows each Appliance that has been tested, the unique Appliance ID, Appliance Desciption, Date Tested and Retest Due Date. The Appliance Register also shows the location of the appliance, and this report is sorted by the Location Description (where the appliance was when tested).

View Full Size Appliance Register in Adobe Acrobat Format



Fail Certificates

This reports shows the details of each appliance that failed testing. The report is printed on red paper and shows the Location of the appliance, unique Appliance Id, Appliance Description, plus the reason for the failure.

View Full Size Fail Certificate in Adobe Acrobat Format

Pass Certificates

This reports shows each Appliance that has been tested, the unique Appliance ID, Date Tested, Retest Due Date plus the Full Test Results. This report shows and is sorted by the Location Description.

View Full Size Pass Certificate in Adobe Acrobat Format



QA Report

This reports shows which engineer(s) carried out the testing on your appliances, and which Portable Appliance Tester(s) were used.

View Full Size QA Report in Adobe Acrobat Format

Certificate of Electrical Safety Testing

A colour Certificate of Electrical Safety Testing is supplied for you to display on your company premises. The certificate displays your company name/address, valid until date and the address of your ElectrAtest engineer.

View Full Size Certificate of Electrical Safety Testing


Electrical Appliance Testing Records

All of the above reports (with the exception of the Certificate of Electrical Testing) are presented in a bound folder for easy storage and quick retrieval. This folder includes the following:

Appliance Register
Fail Certificates (if Applicable)
Pass Certificates
Information & Guidance Notes for Portable Appliance Testing

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Portable Appliance Testing - Applicance Testing - Electrical Certification - Electrical Inspections - Electrical Safety Certificate
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